About Holy Naples Home Watch

Donna Marguglio


I’ve always treasured the idea of HOME. Maybe it’s because I’m the daughter of a military officer. Home was whatever US Army base we lived at, from Germany to Australia to California to NewJersey. The lack of permanence taught me to respect and find meaning in each place we called home. That’s likely why, as an adult, I became a real estate agent and broker, first in Northern Virginia and later in Charleston SC. I knew what it was like, emotionally, to leave your home. I knew what it was like, emotionally, to find your new home. My decision to get my CAM license and open a homewatch business grows out of my understanding of the importance of safeguarding this unique place, this home—your home—that’s special.

My other passion is dance. I have “Foxtrot Fever” and participate in ballroom dancing lessons and events as much as I can. My mornings, however, start with my bible and, often, my beloved dog, Stella, in my lap. I’m also extremely proud of my son, a fantastic young man who has made the honorable decision to follow his grandfather into military service and has joined the US Coast Guard.

As an accredited member of the National Homewatch Association, I have been vetted and have met all criteria required by NHWA. I am also a Certified Homewatch Professional which means that I have been trained extensively and have passed all requirements so that I may serve you in the highest capacity, which of course, would be my pleasure.